Sunday, 3 January 2016

22 Amazing wonders of coconut oil

If coconut oil isn't already one of your top beauty products then reading this post will make it a must! I have tried most of these myself but there's a few I haven't and I can't wait to do so! So here are some of the most amazing things coconut oil can work wonders with...

1. Deodorant 
With coconut oils antibacterial properties it is known to remove smell and freshen up the odour of your body. For a more deodorising affect add lava see oil or lemon.  
2. Shaving cream
This is best for dry skin, it helps smoothen out follicles for a smoother, longer lasting shave.
3. Makeup remover
Your makeup just melts away, even waterproof mascara! It also cleanses the skin and emphasises the skins natural flora. 
4. Cellulite/stretch mark cream
Can tighten the skin and reduce or even remove cellulite and stretch marks.
5. Moles
Apply after the application of Apple cider vinegar and compress for a few weeks. Moles have been known to literally fall off.
6. Insect repellent
This makes your skin slippery for insects to land on.
7. Foot fungus infections
Apply to foot and wear socks over night to stop the oil from rubbing off and repeat for 2-3 nights.  
8. Cold sores
Add to cold sores and because of the coconut oils properties(as you've probably read 100 times already) it blemishes them away! It also contains a lot of lauric acid which helps blemish anything like this like warts, herpies, genital warts etc. 
9. Psoriasis and eczema 
Coconut oil contains antibacterial and antifungal properties, therefore it works wonders for dry skin and any fungus infection. It also restores nourishment and takes away the dryness. Just massage it into your scalp for 5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly washing it with shampoo.
10. Colds
Rub on the inside of your nose to stop a cold.
11. Itch relief
Either add to specific area or if needed after a hot bath rub all over. 
12. Makeup brush cleaner 
It's antibacterial, non toxic, promotes firming of the skin, removes makeup and smells amazing. What else more could you want!
13. Muscle soother 
 Take 4 teaspoons Shea butter then 3 tablespoons coconut oil, 2 tablespoons jojoba oil, 6 drops peppermint essential oil, 6 drops eucalyptus essential oil, 4 drops of lavender essential oil and then 1 tablespoon of beeswax. Melt the Shea butter, coconut oil and jojoba oil, then add the essential oils and pour into an airtight container. Apply onto skin and it will soothe muscles instantly! 
14. After sun 
Massage over body to soothe parched skin. Will cool down the skin and take out the burn.
15. Dandruff treatment 
Coconut oil contains antibacterial and antifungal properties, therefore coconut oil is excellent for scalp problems like dryness and dandruff. Simply massage it into your scalp for 5 minutes. Let it sit for as long as you can and then shampoo thoroughly.
16. Hair shiner and frizz tamer 
Add a tiny blob of coconut oil to your palms and evenly spread through the hair. Too much can make it greasy so make sure it is only the size of a pea. 
17. Whitening tooth paste
By adding soda this is perfect as a teeth whitener. 
18. Lice remedy 
It has been known to kill head lice with a rinse of apple cider confer, once this is dried apply coconut oil and leave over night. Then rinse thoroughly and comb and add conditioner. 
19. Breath freshener 
Coconut oil has antibacterial and anti fungal properties so gargling with oil for 20 minutes will leave your mouth cleaner with healthier gums and whiter teeth.
20. Highlighter 
Coconut oil can be used as a cheekbone highlighter, just simply sweep onto cheeks after makeup application and there you have it, bright highlighted cheeks.
21.Grey hairs 
Grind curry leaves with a little water to make a paste. Add this paste to two cups of coconut oil and heat the mixture till all the moisture evaporates. After it has cooled, massage into hair 2-3 times a fortnight, leaving it overnight for more of an affect. 
22. Eyelash growth
Brush onto eyelashes and eyebrows with a mascara wand for better lashes. They grow thicker and longer more quickly. 

There you have it, your very own beauty kit in one tub! It isn't that expensive to buy as well! You can probably buy a big tub for £5, so it's definitely worth buying one! These are only a few things that coconut oil can do but personally I think there the best. There's the obvious body oil and cream, leave-in conditioner, cuticle oil, lip balm, hair strengthening and so many more! 

Does anyone know any more wonderful things this product does? Please leave a comment and tell me what you think:) Thank you for reading!

Demi Xxx 


  1. I love coconut oil, I use it for loads of different things. I've always wanted to try oil pulling with it but the idea of it grosses me out a little!

    Corinne x

  2. It's such a great product! And I know it grosses me out too, but I bet it works great though
    Demi x

  3. My brother actually puts some in his tea every morning. It gives crazy amount of energy and helps fight candida and other bacteria.

    It's really a wonder maker. Crazy to think people haven't heard much of it.

    Either way, I really enjoyed browsing through your blog. I've recently started my own blog and I would love to know what you think about it. That is only if you have the time.

    If you do decide to give it a quick read, you can find it at ---> .

    Lots of love,

  4. It's great isn't it, more people need to know about it! And yeah I've heared about that in coffee it's a creamer for coffee, I need to try that! I will check yours out now!
    Demi xxx

  5. Love reading about coconut oil benefits, I've got some but never really used it, however you've inspired me to start using it again! Xxx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. Glad I have thank you for reading! You really should it's great xxx

  6. I love coconut oil, it works so well for my hair.
    Great post, I am gonna have o put my coconut oil to some of these uses.

    Zeynab x
    The Beauty Load

    1. Definitely! And I only like it on the ends of my hair, I can't ever get it out otherwise hahah!
      Thanks for reading,
      Demi xxx

  7. Wait..coconut oil helps with skin too!

    Lawd where have I been? in the stone ages?

    Great post. Now I found out what this thing can do I'll surely be using it more often!


    1. Omg you didn't know! You need to try it, it's wonderful! You should it's great, thanks for reading x

  8. There's so many uses! Didn't know about most of these, thanks for the insight! :)

    Hana | ♥

  9. I know great isn't it! Make sure you give them a go thank you for reading lovely 💞

  10. I always prefer using natural products and coconut oil is definitely one of them. I love using it as a makeup remover!

    Isabel Marcelo

  11. This certainly sounds like the wonder ointment! Why haven't I bought any yet!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

    1. Yes, believe it or not it is! You'll be surprised by the results!
      Demi xxx

  12. Crikey I didn't know there were all these different uses! I am however sat with my hair smothered in coconut oil and a towel for heat as we speak... so good for soft and healthy hair.

    | | bloglovin' |

    1. yeah! its amazing how so many people don't know, that's why I had to make a blog about it! I think its great on hair, but I have to be carefull because my hair goes greasy for days if it's not washed out properly!
      thankyou for reading
      Demi x

  13. Wow - I've just got into using coconut oil but didn't know all of these things it could do! I suffer with scalp psoriasis and eczema as well...MUST get onto this!

    1. Yeah how amazing! And aw really well you definitely should it's the best thing I've used for psoriasis, nothing ever works for me!

  14. I use it as a sermon somedays! Great post!