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AEOS skin care review

AEOS skin care products

Hello everyone! If feels as if I haven't written about a beauty product in so long! I've been doing so many collaborations with some amazing bloggers I've sort of been lost in the moment of writing lifestyle blogs. I absolutely love doing both, and also trying to plan some fashion posts! 

As some people may know I got this amazing AEOS skin care set which I had to review. The only reason it's not been up sooner is because I wanted to try the product out fully and take advantage of this as much as I could, which I have done and I'm so glad I did, because now I can express my true opinion on these products. 

It's mainly for the face but they have some body lotion and shower gels in there as well. It's a set full of everything you need to pamper your face fully. Included in this fabulous set was
Gentle cleansing lotion- this is great, it cleanses your face and removes any access makeup from your skin. It also helps maintain the moisture of your skin. 
Gentle exfoliation- this is a light exfoliator which isn't too hard on your skin but still does the job perfectly. It leaves your skin feeling soft and removes any dead skin cells. 
Energising conditioner- this is like a watery liquid you apply to your face, it helps hydrate and moisturise the skin leading it to its natural balance that's not too dry or oily. This helps soothe and soften the skin. 
Enriching moisturiser- this is a light moisturiser that absorbs quickly to lock in the products and protect the skin. This is helpful for tired or damaged skin. 
Beauty body shower- this is a gentle body wash which leaves the skin fresh and feeling soft. 
Beauty body lotion- this makes your skin feel so smooth and absorbs quickly into the skin. 
Cleansing oil- this is for dehydrated skin and helps maintain the delicate moisture balance of the skin. This is fabulous and can also be used as an eye makeup remover. 
Dew facial wash- this relaxes the skin and conditions it leaving it feeling fresh and renewed. 
Refreshing hydrating spray- this is my favourite of them all. It leaves the freshest feeling on your face, it's unimaginable! This hydrates the skin and leaves a fragrance behind, but leaves the skin feeling so fresh, you only need 2 sprays! 
Realive serum- this provides a multi-layered delivery for hydration and moisture to the skin. This also assist with smoothing wrinkles and plumping the skin and reduces signs of ageing(I shouldn't need this just yet haha!) 

There's different routines for the day time and night time that you should follow to get the most out of each product. 

Day time
You firstly apply the gentle cleansing lotion to remove any access makeup followed by the exfoliator. I then wash this off and apply the energising conditioner and spray 1 or 2 sprays of the mist onto your face. By this stage your face feels almost brand new. To finish it off you apply the realive serum and then the enriching moisturisor. It's amazing the feeling your face has once you've applied all of this. Not only does it help the skin in the long term, it benefits the skin there and then.

Night time 
To remove makeup you begin with the cleansing oil followed by the dew facial was. I then remove this from my skin and apply the energising conditioner and refreshing hydrating mist. To finish I apply the realive serum followed by the refreshing moisture. By the end of this your skin feels so amazing and fresh. As well as waking up the next day feeling as if you've been for a full facial.

This set is the works and I personally think it's amazing! I haven't tried a facial routine like this and I'm so happy I have. It's so beneficial using different products for different things! If you'd like to buy any of these products or the set you can go to the website at 

Let me know what you guys think, have you's ever tried out this face routine? Or any other facial routine before?:) 

Thankyou for giving me the opportunity to try these amazing products and I will definatley be buying another set very soon! 

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