Tuesday, 26 January 2016

An ultimate guide to flawless eyebrows

A guide to flawless eyebrows

Having a good shaped eyebrow is one of the main beauty statements out now. Without having your eyebrows nicely done there's not really a point in any other makeup, eyebrows are probably the most important feature of your body that everyone obsesses about at the moment. So I know a lot of girls will find this useful and I hope it helps if your not already on top of this trend.

Hair removal
Once you've had your eyebrows waxed or shaped, this is the ideal guide you should follow to maximise your eyebrows and make them look flawless. Make sure you don't get your eyebrows waxed too thin. Bigger eyebrows are out now, for me I only do the bottom but done to make the lining more sharper and that's it, no top waxing or middle. If you want sharp eyebrows you should just get the under hairs and a little bit of the bottom hairs to add definition and more volume. You should wax minimal and keep your natural eyebrow shape as much as possible. 

Giving your eyebrows a trim is definitely a must and adds lots of definition and volume to your eyelashes. Start by brushing your eyebrows up and cutting them to the length you want them. Make sure they aren't too short, you do want hairs on your brows. Then brush them back to place, if your eyebrows are curly you can take them with a little hairspray applied to an eyebrow brush and combed. Once dried apply a thin layer of eyebrow gel to tint the eyebrows a bit more. I use the rimmel eyebrow gel

Shape and define 
Now you need to fill your eyebrows in. When I mean fill I don't mean pencil them in like a drawing. Powder is the best for eyebrows for a natural look. I use the illamasqua brow cake in shade thunder and my real techniques eyebrow brush. For a full review on this click here
You should never start at the top of your eyebrows you should apply a little powder in the middle working your way to the end of your brow, only really filling in the gaps. I don't tend to fill in the inner eyebrow I make a line at the bottom and then brush up. This creates a lighter effect and isn't harsh on your eyebrows. 

I then apply a highlighter underneath my eyebrows to create more definition. I used to use the soap and glory eyebrow highlighter but that's ran out so I'm currently using my Mac soft and gentle mineralise highlighter. 

And that's it, there's my guide to flawless eyebrows that will change your eyebrows game a few steps up! Hope you's found it useful.

What are your eyebrow techniques?  Do you follow this procedure? Let me know:)


  1. Wow, your brows look great! Mine are curly and it's really annoying but nothing a dab of hairspray won't finx :-)

  2. My brows are rubbish, I just fill them in and go sod it. I've never actually thought of trimming my brows before, I might leave it to the professionals to see how they do it the first time. I've actually never had my brows done before!

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

  3. Heading over from #USbloggers chat tonight!
    This is exactly what i do! Love all things brow lately!

  4. You do amazing brows. It would take me ages to do, but definitely need to do this. Luckily I have pretty full brows, but not doing them is better than doing them horribly for now. lol