Friday, 22 January 2016

Blogging advice from expert bloggers

Blogging advice from expert bloggers 

1. You are going to here a lot of different people tell you, you should do it this or that way to get views, honestly my best tip is to be honest &  yourself. Be proud of your blog, let your friends &  family know. I know a lot of bloggers that haven’t told there friends & family.. but why?! All that hard work you have put into it, show it off girl! Get all your friends & family behind you, share your blog, like & comment. 

2. HI :D          
          My best piece of advice for new bloggers it to remember that blogging is a journey, not a destination. We're all new bloggers at some point so try not to get intimidated by more experienced bloggers, or those with higher numbers. I remember when I first started my blog, I thought I'd never get even 100 people to follow me and I aways compared my blog to others! Just remember you'll evolve over time! The most important thing is to get involved in the community and interact with other bloggers. I have a whole post on how my blog has changed over time:

3. I haven’t been blogging for too long myself, I started my first blog in May 2015. I was obsessed with blogging so in September 2015 I opted to by my own domain - along with this, I started a complete fresh. Buying my own domain was the best thing I ever did and if you are serious about doing so too, they don’t cost too much and GoDaddy is perfect for this! My best piece of advice I can give to anyone wanting to start a blog, is just do it! But make sure your doing it for the right reasons. Just remember to always be yourself and let your personality shine through your blog. If you blog about thing’s you really love, your blog will be amazing! Another thing is, you don’t have to have all the equipment to take a decent blog photo, honestly some of my best photos came from my iPhone 5s and many others I know have too!
Lot’s of love; Dena Jayne xo

4.. Stella from
“Don’t spend more time on other blogs than you do on your own” and “Spend more time promoting/sharing your content than creating your content”. I don’t remember where I read that piece of advice years ago but it really stuck with me. Even if you have the best blogpost in the world if no one sees it then it goes unnoticed. Also, in terms of finding my writing voice, I tend to imagine that I am talking to a friend so my tone feels relaxed and friendly. Last but not least, hit the “Publish” button only if there is a post that you would actually click yourself to read.  

5. I'm by no means an expert blogger, there are plenty out there who have been doing it for longer than I have but the advice I would give is not to compare yourself to others. I know it's hard and I know it's easy to do but we're all at different places in our blogging journey and drawing comparisons won't help. The other piece of advice I would give is, don't force yourself to try and write a post. Either the words are there or they aren't - there is no forcing the issue.
Fiona Abbey

6. I think my main advice would be to never lose your passion. If you don’t feel like blogging one day, feel free to take a break, but don’t force things. Don’t turn your blog into some extra school homework. Don’t make it about the numbers either. Just make sure you’re still blogging because you love to do it. As you’re happy with what you’re doing, everything else will eventually fall into place. At least that’s something I’d like to believe.            
     Lots of love, Be  

7. My biggest tips all revolve around the relationship between you and your readers. I started because I love to bake and see other people having success with recipes I created. That made it important to attract readers who share that same love of baking and who want to to learn together, which is what my blog is all about. Knowing who you are writing for is so important because it means you give your reader what they want. In return, they will start to trust you and come back time and again to see what you have to share. Part of giving my readers what they love is sharing related recipes within each post. So when I shared my Terry's Chocolate Orange Brownies which were my biggest recipe of 2015. This makes it easy for your readers to find more things they love, with the bonus for you that they stay a little longer on your blog and are more likely to come back or hit follow. Thank you, can't wait to see the final piece with lots of tips.      
         Lauren Knead to Dough 381AEF67-8249-40D7-8A9D-30963D13026C

8. "The first piece of blogging advice and also the most important one is BEING YOURSELF. Whatever you blog about, stay true to yourself, share what you want and be honest. This will attract readers and let them stick. Blog as much as is possible to you, don’t do too much and put yourself under pressure. People will read your posts, because they like your blog, your writing and the topics. It doesn’t matter how much you blog. You have to be happy with blogging! A schedule and organization always help to keep an overview. Also learn to say no to requests and collaborations, you can’t do everything and you don’t have to. Focus on the things that interest you and that make you happy. Blogging has taught me a lot, you learn something new everyday. If you need inspirations for blog posts, go out, enjoy life, travel, read, have fun, interact with other bloggers and read other blogs. Mine is, if you want to have a look :) xx."

8. My Best Blogging Advice:

My best advice to anyone that is thinking about starting a blog is to be organised and plan ahead to what you’re thinking on blogging about for the next couple of weeks so that you don’t get to the point where you need to put a post-up but you’ve ran out of time or you have no idea what you want to blog about! I try at the start of each month to plan when I’m going to be blogging and what my posts are going to be about!


  1. Thank you very much Demi for giving me the opportunity to share my blog advice!
    Great advice from fellow bloggers as well!
    Stella from a Looks & Travels