Sunday, 24 January 2016

Guest post- my proposal by Ralph Marion

So this is my first guest post with the amazing Ralph Marion. I thought it'd be great to hear about his proposal to his wife, it's such a great story and so cute so hope you's all enjoy! Thankyou so much Ralph for taking part and hope you's enjoy it! 

So this is exciting for me. This is my first ever guest post on someone else's blog. Thanks so much to Demi-Lee for allowing me to write something on her blog. Who would have ever thought that a guy would write something on here? Much less a guy from Birmingham, AL. By the way, My name is Ralph. I am a lifestyle blogger over at Ralph's Birmingham. I have been wondering what should I write about on here? I could talk about so many different things, but I thought I could talk about one important moment in my life. I want to tell y'all about the day I proposed to my wife. It all took place on November 3rd(my birthday).


Yeah, I did say that I proposed to my wife on the day I was born. Who would do such a thing like that? This guy!!! Now let start off by saying that this was not the original date I wanted to propose to her. I actually wanted to propose to her on the day we started dating, which was December 8th. The reason it didn't happen that day was because when I was talking to her one night, she asked me would I ever propose to her on our dating anniversary. I told her that I would never do that, but on the inside I was so pissed. How did she know that I would do something like that? I had to make an audible and change the date. Luckily for me, I am quick on my feet. I thought, "She would never expect me to propose on my birthday." So that's how I came up with the date.

Now the day finally comes. I will be asking her to marry me on my birthday. Now I have it planned out. We are planning to go to a UAB Men's Basketball game(the college that both of us attended), and at halftime during the Kiss Cam, I would ask the question during that time. Now you are asking, "How do you know that this would happen?" Well I actually had this planned out with the marketing department at UAB, and they would make sure that the Kiss Cam would be on us. Trust me, I made sure that this would work. Now getting to this moment was some work.

That morning I was so nervous. I had to pick up the ring from the final cleaning(without her knowing), pickup my cupcakes that my wife got me for my birthday, and then head out to the game. Now I was running late after getting the cupcakes, so she was blowing up my phone wondering where I was at. I had to lie and tell her I was stuck in traffic. Luckily where I was at, it's known for having bad traffic, so it worked for that time.

Once I got back to the apartment, I got dress with a special shirt. It said, "I Mustache You A Question" with an actual mustache on the shirt. You know, "I Must Ask You A Question". Get it? LoL After I got the shirt on, we headed to the game. While I was driving to the game, I was so nervous about the proposal. I guess I looked like I was worried, so Whitney asked if I was okay. I was told her that I was just worried that I wouldn't make it in time for the tipoff, which we did.

So we got to the game. It's gonna happen. I would ask this woman to marry me. We got to our seats, and she actually had to get a drink from the concession stand. Perfect. That gave me time to let the people know where we would sit, so the camera guy knew where we were sitting at. The game started and all is fine. We are winning(of course), and then halftime happens. If you watched the movie Drumline before, you know the quote, "Halftime is Gametime." This could not be more true than now.

Everything that you would usually see during halftime at a game happens. Half court shot. Dance team performs. Everything goes smooth. Then it's time for the Kiss Cam. It's showtime folks!! I had butterflies the size of my head in my stomach. I was ready to do this, but I was so nervous. They went to the first few people, and then they got to me. I gave her a quick smooch. The announcer said, "Come on. You can do better than that." I was like okay, and got down on my knee and got the ring out. Now I had something that I wanted to say to her already planned out, but when it came to the actual moment, I forgot everything. I was like, "Damn. What am I gonna say?" To this day, I don't remember exactly what I said, but I do remember I told her I wanted to be with her for the rest of my life. Of course, I did ask her, "Will you marry me?" She said yes. The band played in celebration of us becoming soon to be man and wife. There was a "She said Yes" chant. It was so awesome.

I never thought that I would ask someone to marry me on my birthday, but for someone like Whitney, I would make that happen. It was by far(besides the day we got married) the best day of my life. Afterwards we celebrated my birthday. She got a little too happy and drank too much, but we still had such a happy day that day.

Now that is only one story I have about my wife and I. You can find more stories like that and other things on my blog called Ralph's Birmingham. If you made it all the way this far, you deserve 10,000 bonus points. So there you go. Make sure you follow me on Twitter and Instagram to see more stuff from me. Again, thanks to Demi-Lee for allowing me to take over her blog for this one time. Hope to see you over in my side of the interwebs!! See you soon. :)