Friday, 29 January 2016

How to increase your Bloglovin followers

I've seen quite a few people asking for bloglovin tips and ways to improve their following on there. So I've decided to give you's all a few tips on how you can boost your followers and increase your publicity on there.

Personally bloglovin is one of my favourite blog websites. I always read other people's blogs through there (even without internet) and gather so much inspiration for my blog. I love reading other people's blogs, I read them all the time! 

Bloglovin icon 
First of all you should add your bloglovin link on your blog. This is easy for people to follow you if they like your posts. Make sure it's visible through out the whole site and somewhere around the top were people can see. 

Social media sites 
Always share with your social media sites. Especially on Twitter were there are so many bloggers to interact with. Twitter chats will also be great to share your link with. 

Eye catching pictures 
On bloglovin the first picture you put on in your post will come up on other people's feeds with the title. So make sure this is eye catching and you have good photos up, or at least the first one! 

Follow people 
Always stay active on bloglovin, follow lots of interesting blogs you like and your giving yourself more of a chance of getting an extra follower if they follow back. Get your name out there, save some of there posts and your name won't be a stranger to them anymore. 

Unfollow blogs 
Yes, that's right. Have you checked the people your following lately? Are they still active? Make sure you double check all the people you follow are still active. Most of the time I go on mine and they haven't posted for ages. There's no point in following them still, so unfollow and make room for new blogs! Unless they only blog occasionally of course. 

So there you have it, a few of my tips to help you's gain a higher following on bloglovin and getting your name heared out there! 

Here's my bloglovin account, I'll follow you's all back:) 


  1. Great Tips! I found the position of my blog bloglovin button on my blog really important! It should be up the top in order to catch people's attention! They don't want to scroll to have to find it x

  2. These are great tips! I use Bloglovin' all the time! It's where I find new blogs to read and people to interact with - i love it!

    Jemima x

  3. Great tips! I think I'm going to move my BlogLovin button further up - it's below the fold and probably not very visible. I do really enjoy using the site, that's how I found this post!


  4. Love these tips! I really need to remember to follow some new blogs on bloglovin! Xx