Friday, 22 January 2016

Meet the blogger series- Katy Humphrey

Meet the blogger- Katy Humphrey 

Hey guys! Just want to welcome you all to the first issue of my series of meet the blogger! Each week I will be interviewing a different blogger and have it featured on my blog! If you'd like to be featured and a part of the new series then get in touch! My email is My first guest is Katy, her blog is fantastic so I definatley recommend you go visit her page after you've heared a bit more about her! I just wanted to say a big thankyou to her for taking part, it's been a pleasure and I hope everyone enjoys reading as she's an amazing lady! 

Hi I am Katy, I run
I LOVE Harry Potter, tattoos, talking, make-up and my friends&family. I am a little bit neurotic, very stubborn and pretty indecisive. 

Could you start by telling us a bit more about yourself?
I am a 28 year old wife and mum of 2. Sounds so boring doesn't it? I work full time in Digital Marketing and in my spare time (haha what is that??) I blog, read and watch Netflix. Hello 90210 all the series!

What is your blog about and what made you inspired to make a blog? Tell us some more about your blog.
My blog started off as somewhere to vent how I was feeling, I have never been very good at talking about my feelings and I needed somewhere I could just let it all out. My blog was private for a while, I didn't tell anyone about it and wouldn't share it on social media. As my confidence grew I decided to take it public. I brought my domain in December and have been pushing it properly since then. So not that long really!

I find it really hard to put my blog into a category. I would have to say lifestyle, but it really is just anything I fancy writing about at the time, it could be fashion, beauty, mental health, domestic abuse, marriage...literally anything!

What do you love about blogging and what's your biggest achievement in blogging?
I love everything about it, I love owning something. As a wife and mother of 2 it is such a big deal to have something that is your own. 
I love being good at something. I always wanted to be good at something and to be able to reach people and this is that! It feels so good to have finally found my 'thing' after years of searching! Yak soppy I know...

My biggest achievement, this is hard, I haven't been blogging that long so there aren't loads to choose from! Probably publishing my article on domestic abuse on The Huffington Post. I was super proud of that!

What are the 3 things you can't live without?
My answers would have been so different a few months ago haha, right now- my camera, Twitter, my laptop.

We're do you find the inspiration for your blog posts?
Everywhere, because my blog isn't a specific niche it could be something that happened that day, something that has happened in my past, something I have read, something I saw. Literally anything. Sounds great but it makes it so hard to know what is worth writing about! Too much choice!

Have you got any tips for bloggers?
I would say that reading other blogs helps. There are so many bloggers and so many blogs that nothing is really unique anymore, so don't worry about doing a post that someone else has covered before. As long as you stay true to your own style of writing and don't just copy what they have said (NAUGHTY!) then it is a great source of inspiration.

Buy a good camera and learn how to use it. If you look at my blog you might find that a little hypocritical, but I am learning! Pictures are so important, more than I realised when I started.

Just be yourself. You are unique so your writing will be. Stay true to who you are and what you want and people will love you.

Name your 3 too favourite bloggers now and why?
Oh god this is hard, I have so many at the moment! 

I would say Zya&Daizy, Hannah Gale and Mandy 

What do you want to gain out of blogging?
Nothing really, I just love doing it and I hope people enjoy reading it!

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
I would love to be able to blog full-time. Either my hubby paying for me not to work, winning the lottery or my blog paying for itself. I am happy with any of those options!
I will also be 33 then, I am scared enough about being 30 so i'm not looking that far ahead. I would much rather live in the present, then you don't miss anything ;)


  1. Omg Katy! I love Katy! She's such a lovely perzon & her blog is amazing (like yours ;) )

    lovely post,

  2. Looks like I found another blogger to check. Sounds like a very down to earth lady.

  3. It was a pleasure sweet. Love your blog and the changes you have made look FAB! Xxx