Monday, 11 January 2016

Top 10 beauty hacks!

Hey girlys, just thought I'd share some amazing beauty tips with you all. You hear of so many beauty tips especially when your reading blogs a lot. Here's a few of my favourites that I've tried and love! 

1. Be a water baby 
Always drink lots of water, it hydrates the skin and gives you an amazing glow. 

2. Prepare before you wear 
Always wash your skin before you apply makeup. There's no point in trying to look pretty when you've got a dirty face, I always apply face cream as well to even out my face.

3. Blow dry your lashes 
Sounds crazy right, adding heat to your lashes actually creates so much more volume. Put the hair dryer onto your eyelash curlers for a few seconds before using. Make sure it's not to hot though! 

4. Bold eyes or lips 
If you choose to do your eyes heavy, go steady with the lips. If you focus on your lips more then don't go to heavy on the eye makeup. Always even it out and don't over do both, it can look uneven. 

5. Eyeshadow expert 
Put masking tape under your eyes to were you want the perfect line of eyeshadow or eyeliner, this is a guide and will make your eyeshadow look fab 

6. Wash hair with cold water 
At the end of each wash always run the shower over your hair with cold water or Luke warm if you can't hack the cold. This brings more shine to the hair and locks the cuticles. 

7. Curly brow probs 
Anyone else got Curley eyebrows? It might just be me. Well if you's have simply spray hairspray onto a toothbrush(an old one unless you want to have the taste of hairspray on your teeth for weeks) and comb over your eyebrows. They will stick like this and not go bushy during the day. 

8. Prime eyes
Of course there is primer but if you've ran out or haven't got a primer you can prime your eyes with a moisturiser to make your eyeshadow stay on for longer. 

9. Stop touching! 
Constantly touching your face can cause breakouts. Your putting dirt onto your face every time you touch your skin, this can lead to spots, so make sure you don't touch your skin constantly. 

10. Conceal your lips 
To prevent your lips from bleeding, pat on a little concealer before you apply your lipstick. It will give your lips a more natural look and can also act like a primer. 
So here's just a few of my beauty tips. There's just so many, I just thought I'd share a few with you. If I put down to many I'd bore you's all to death. If you's want to hear some more please let me know, I can always do another post! 

What are your favourite beauty tip? Do you use any of the above? 

Demi xxx 

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