Sunday, 7 February 2016

5 ways blogging has changed my life

5 ways blogging has changed my life 

Increased my intelligence
This is definitely a big one for me not only has it hugely developed my English and the way I write, but it's developed my intelligence on the Internet. I can now do so many things on it that I wouldn't have had a clue to do before hand. It's opened so many paths for me and it's such a great experience and I recommend anyone to do it, for their own sake. 

Built my confidence  
Having a blog has built up my confidence so much, not only as a person but also my writing. I have a lot more confidence in my writing now, before hand I'd hate people looking at my work. Also the people I've met and spoke to are lovely and pushed me and developed me more as a person. I didn't think there'd be so many supportive girls out there, #TheGirlGang has also been an amazing group to be a part of. I'm doing things I thought I'd never do in life, which is amazing! 

Happiness and success 
My blog has basically driven me to success, it's made me clearer of who I am as a person, what I want in life and basically made me happy. It's something I really enjoy doing and making a full time career out of it will be amazing if I decide to do so. My blog has also made me more driven, motivated and hardworking. It's kept me inspired, literally if I'm ever feeling unmotivated alls I have to do is read some of my favourite blogs, they're so inspirational and they push me on straight away to go further. 

Something you own 
Having YOUR own blog is something of yours, something unique and you own it. It's something you can be proud of, and people can admire you from it. People from around the world know you because of your amazing writing you've produced. So be happy and proud of it. 

New opportunities 
Like I've said I have done things in the past month that I've never been able to do in my entire life or I haven't had the courage to do so. I've had so many new opportunities weather it's been big or small it's had an impact on the way I am today. I grab every opportunity I can with both hands even if I don't think I can do it. It's about pushing your limits and making the most out of life. It's kept me so busy, and not just doing the same thing constantly, everyday is different and I love it! 


  1. Awesome list and it's so good to notice the positive changes. Blogging is not easy. I'm also inspired to share with others and am always learning, especially since my personal blog is only a couple of months old. Hope you continue to chase after your dreams :)

  2. Great blog! I feel blogging has done the same for me too, wish I started a lot earlier. X

  3. I feel exactly the same, I'm so glad I started. It's nice to feel proud of something you've created :) xx

    Shelby |

  4. I know exactly what you mean. Since I start blogging, I've been able to meet new people and do so many new things I never thought I would even be interested in doing. Blogging has really been something that will probably change my life forever.

  5. I loved reading this and I'm so glad blogging allowed you to build your confidence! :)

    S .x