Thursday, 25 February 2016

Contouring for beginners

Hey ladies! So contouring, if you haven't heared this word already more than 10000 times then it would surprise me! Considering I've never heared of the word until a few years a go it's really took a shine into the beauty industry. 

So contouring, it is such an amazing thing! It can emphasise so much on your face. It can bring out your cheek bones, sharpen your jaw line and change the whole shape of your face as well as making your nose look smaller! As well as bringing out your good features it can also eliminate the bad! 

So if your new to all of this new beauty malarkey here are a few simple steps that won't even change much to your normal routine and it's so easy to do. 

First off all apply your foundation! Simple haha, this is a base and then secondly get a bronzer that's darker than your normal, you can use this to create a line under your cheek bone and brush into the skin until it's created a natural shadow under the cheek bone, bringing them out. You can then add a highlighter to your cheeks and blush to make them stand out even more! 

Here are some other ways you can contour your face depending on your face shape 

Another simple way of contouring your face is to use a darker foundation after you've applied your normal one and a lighter foundation, and rub it in to create more definition and shadows to your face shape. Here's an example


  1. I contour with my powder bronzer. I find it the simplest way and also the quickest :) I love your post, though xx

  2. I always do a little bit of contouring with my powder bronzer, but I really wish I could do the amazing contour that I see on instagram! Some people are so good at it

    Lauren |

  3. I've never contoured but have been looking to do so, so I'm really glad I stopped by today, loved this post ♥

  4. I do think it's so handy to look online to see what's the best way for your face shape. Not everyone realises different shapes achieve the perfect contour in different ways. Great post :)
    Love Hannah xx

  5. Very useful post :)

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  7. This post was super useful! Not going to lie, I am not the best at contour, but practice does make perfect! Thanks for sharing!
    Grace xx

  8. Great idea for a post - making it super easy to learn how to contour!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x