Monday, 1 February 2016

How to make money on your blog

Different ways to make money on your blog

Hey everyone, just thought I'd give you's all some inspiration on how you can make a few pounds on your blog but not the usual way people make money on their blogs such as advertising. This won't make you rich and make you a full time wage, but a few extra pounds on top of your wage isn't nothing to complain about. 

Advertising other blogs
 Some people, if getting the right traffic are able to advertise other blogs on their websites for a few pound a month and you can have a few blogs at the same time on their, so that's some extra money straight away every month. 

Your own shop
If you wanted to set up a shop, it can be linked to your blog therefore you will get more sales and traffic going to your blog. This will also advertise your items your selling and you can even blog about the items your selling! It's a great way to make money having your own shopping website linked to your blog will gain you so much more sales than someone who hasn't got a blog. 

Second hand items 
You can have your own blog sale on one of your blog posts. Take pictures of your old unwanted items like your old clothes and they can be sold on your blog and be useful to someone else. Recycling and making money in one ey!

Beauty box 
This may be a long shot, but I am hoping to do this myself in the future. I'm looking to set up my own Beauty box. There are quite a few blogs out there with a beauty box subscription of their own. If you haven't heard of the birch box, the glossy box or any other beauty boxes, well you just subscribe to the box every month which is only about £10 and receive a surprise box with at least 3 goodies in. It's a great way to make money as brands will want to advertise there stuff and be a part of your box so you may even get some of your items free or very cheap. Bloggers will blog about what they received and more people will want to buy, it will be simple once you get it running, it's just actually doing so!! 

Make headers
You can sell these on etsy. If your any good with photoshop and other design websites like that you can set up a header business. People will pay you to make their headers or logo, there's some easy money straight away! 

Your already a blogger right? So you love writing? Why not make an ebook for some of your blog readers to read. You could start of at a very cheap price and build your way up! This could be a great money builder but you'd have to have the time to write a book and it could take a long time for you to set it up and get it up and running. 

Website designer 
If your any good with designing websites and doing technical things like that, then people will pay good money for you to do their websites professionally for them. This will probably earn you the most money out of them all, you could be talking hundreds for one web design!

And of course there is the advertising with adsence on Google!!

Hope this helped you guys out and gave you some inspiration to make a few pounds from your blog! 

Demi xxx

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  1. some great ideas, kindle has a free ebook converter which also allows you to list your books