Monday, 8 February 2016

New beauty launches coming in 2016

I love coming into the new year looking forward to the whole new beauty products that will be coming out! There's so much that's going to be happening in 2016, in so excited to try everything out, here's just a few of them. 

Nails inc spray polish 
Sounds strange right? How can you do that without getting nail polish all over your hands? That's what I thought and I can't wait to try this out, I think everyone is going to be talking about it, will this be the next new thing? 

The Sephora play box 
Another new amazing subscription box! I can't wait to try this. A sample of delux products, you couldn't give it a miss. 

Maybelline master contour pallet
This is something in super excited to try out. It's great for people who also can't afford £40 to splash out on a branded one. They've needed a high street one like this for a long time.  

Mac retro liquid lipstick 
Mac have set out a whole new brand of colours I'm not sure what's different about them but they sure do look pretty amazing. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills brow definer 
I secretly hate shopping for eyebrow products as its so hard to find the right products, but I know from the contour kit how good this brand is so looking forward to trying this out! 


  1. I'm so curious about spray on polish. I can't wait to see how it works :-)

  2. Nice post:) I need to try the nail polish:)

    1. I know I think this is the most exciting thing! Xx

  3. I need a spray on nail polish and I need it now! The MAC lipsticks also look amazing but I don't fancy having to take them off when they are as matte and long lasting as they claim to be! x

    Zoe xx

    1. I know I can't wait! And I know yeah bet they won't last as long now as they should though! Xx

  4. Spray on polish?! That sounds crazy ! Also those Mac liquid lipsticks look absolutely amazing !! Great post love .. Can't wait to see these beauty products !!


  5. I know how mad!! And thankyou lovely! I'll have to review them when there out!