Monday, 22 February 2016

Preparing your lips

This is a quick simple guide on how to get flawless soft lips before applying your lipsticks.

First of all just after brushing your teeth brush your lips gently with the toothbrush. This will remove dead skin cells that have been left there and make them softer, it won't make them soft just yet but it's one step to getting there. 

After that I normally apply a lip barm, this softens any other dead skin you have left on your lips, which can be removed later. 

After about half hour I then apply the lush lip scrub, which tastes and smells absolutely amazing! Of course it would, it came from lush! This is my favourite part of my routine, the taste is just amazing I use the bubble gum one which is my favourite. This removes any dead cells that have been left on your lips and there you have it, nice soft kissable lips! 

To finish it off I add a lip barm to soften things up even more. I normally wait 10-15 minutes then apply my lipstick/gloss. 

There you have it, nice soft kissable lips in under a hour! How easy is that! What do you's do to keep your lips in top shape? Have you tried the lush lip scrub? 

Demi xxx


  1. I also brush my lips and apply the very same scrub when my lips are needing some TLC. I should do it more haha! xx

    Blog:: Hannah Rose

    1. I always end up picking them and they end up bleeding haha! getting into a regular routine will stop all this xx

  2. I do practically the exact same thing. Love the lush lip scrub- hard to not just lick it of. Ameera xo

  3. Its amazing isn't it, I always end up eating it half of the time haha!xx