Sunday, 21 February 2016

The life of Demi- what's new?

Hey lovelies! I'm so sorry I haven't uploaded much recently, don't worry I'm still here and still loving blogging life, but so many things have happened recently which are more important and needed to take them into account before my blog. But to all of the people who have asked and messages I've recieved asking were I've been, well I'm still here don't worry! I will be up back and running everyday or even more very soon!

So what's new? 

Well I'm moving into my new house next Friday, which is such a relief because I've hated every second of living back at home, it's only been 3 weeks and I hate not having my own space, it's just so uncomfortable, I need my house back and my life, and that's what I'll be doing very soon! So I've been busy with that, getting as much money as I can, new furniture, planning and organising the actual move. It's been very stressful but it'll be over soon and my life will be back to normal! Yay :D 

I've been back to work, so I've been working more and haven't had time to write posts etc by the time I get in and get ready for bed. 

I'm setting up my salon. I've finally got my beauty qualifications!! Me and my friend are in the process of setting up our salon, I've had to buy things for this and make a plan for all that which has been a lot of havoc and lots to think about. 

I'm also trying to buy all the baby's last things, were in the process of buying all the baby furniture now and the rest of the clothes. As for everything else we've got the rest. We've had to plan a lot of things to do with the baby and my birth etc, considering I'm due in 6 weeks!!!

And to top it all off I've had to complete 3 assignments for collage! I do love being busy, but think it's time for just a little break, and I want to get back into blogging hopefully next week, I just need some inspiration and I'll be back on my feet again:) 

So there you have it, my week summed up into one. Sounds hectic but it's just the way I like it, I couldn't stand being bored, although I would like a few more hours in the day so I can still blog. 

See you's all soon! 

Demi xxx 


  1. You have so much going on Demi! Congrats on passing your beauty qualification and good luck with your salon and your little baby which is on the way!

    Elizabeth -

    1. thankyou lovely! its great having lots of support:) xx

  2. I'm glad to hear that so many good things is happening to you! Good luck! :)
    Victoria ♥

  3. Congrats on passing your beauty qualifications. Btw I love these types of post xx Love Lou xx