Saturday, 13 February 2016

Valentine's Day Decades Collaboration; The Modern Look

Modern day look

Hey girls! Have you's got something planned for Valentine's Day? Well we've got a guide for each and everyone of you's. Weather your into the modern look  or you're more of an 80's chick, we've got it sorted for you! Me and a few amazing girls have came together each having our own decade to post with a day time and night time look, so you're sorted whatever your style is and whatever your plans are for Valentine's Day! 

My decade I decided I wanted to do was the modern look. Looks that are hot right now, and anything for you up-to-date divas that want to look fabulous this Valentine's Day! 

Day time look 
Here I've decided to do two different looks, this day time look is a quite natural soft look.

I have applied my makeup at soft as possible and made sure it's looking as natural as possible. Especially for the day time as you want to look pretty not plastered in makeup! 

I have applied contour however I've done this as natural as possible, making my cheek bones higher and stand out more but not to the point they're looking flawless. I have also added highlighter to create more definition but like the contour not as if you can tell I've put any on. 

My eyebrows I've used the illamasqua brow cake. This applies so naturally and it's such an amazing product. To see this in more detail click here for my review. I have powdered them in lightly and not so much at the start of the eyebrow to create a more defined look. If you need a guide for flawless eyebrows, you can always follow the guide here. 

My lips are coloured in a natural shade, followed by a lip barm to make this look more natural. I don't really concerntrate on my lips through out the day. 

For my eyes I have applied minimal mascara and made it look as natural as possible without eyeliner or eyeshadow. 

For my hair I have created soft curls for a sleek natural look as my hair is curly anyway, however I have just made them more softer and gave them a more vibrant look. 

Night time look 

For my face I have applied a base primer, and I have fully concealed my face. I have hid all freckles and gave my face a flawless finish. I have fully contoured and highlighted l, which you can't really see in this picture but this adds more definition and shape to my face. I only tend to wear this much makeup of a night if I have something planned and not on a day to day basis.

For my eyes I have applied several layers of mascara to give the little eyelashes I've got more definition. I normally wear eyelashes but I thought I'd go for a look without them this time. I have also applied eyeliner to the bottom of my eyelids and a tiny bit on the top. This makes your eyes stand out more and won't leave them looking too black if you put eyeliner on both top and bottom eyelids. 

I have also applied a more intense colour to my lips, it's not a natural colour but it's not bold and doesn't stand out too much which I like. 

I tend to have my hair straight if I'm ever going out because my hair is naturally curly, so it makes me feel more dressed up. Although I probably look more plain, I I backcomb the whole of my head to make it very big and give it a lot of volume. 

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