Wednesday, 18 May 2016

How to create amazing curls

I already have naturally curly hair but it's so different to the curls I can achieve when I use a curling wand. Here's a quick guide on how I curl my hair to create bouncy long lasting curls;

1. Part your hair- start off with the bottom hair to make sure all parts of your hair are being fully curled 
2. Spray on heat protection spray 
3. Grab a small amount of hair(depending how big you want your curls, the thicker you want them the more hair you need to get) 
4. Apply hair spray onto the piece of hair 
5. Curl it around the curling wand 
6. Leave for 15-30 seconds 
7. Once finished apply more hair spray to add extra hold 
8. Do this to the rest of your hair, curling each piece as you go along
9. Do this to the top part of your hair as well getting the wand as close to the root of your hair as possible. 
10. Finish off by spraying the whole of your head with hair spray, yes I use a lot of hair spray, however you don't have too. I just like my curls bouncy and longer lasting.

For softer curls i would not apply too much hair spray, I'd apply it before you curled you hair to each strand but no more as the hairspray will keep the curl in and it'll be harder to get out. I would also brush it at the end, the curls will stay in however they'll create a wavey look instead of having big curls! 

Here are some of my curly hair looks and different ways how I've styled them. 

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