Sunday, 15 May 2016

I'm back!!

Hello everyone, 

I haven't blogged for so long, I've been so busy I've just had a little girl she's now 6 weeks old which has been a big part in why I haven't been able to blog as well as me getting my new house moving in and creating my perfect home. Also I've started my own beauty business and have my own little salon which I've been working my arse off in! So yeah I've been quite busy, but now I'm back I've finally settled down in my new house got my gorgeous little girl and got my business set up, everything is actually looking up for me, so why not get back into something I loved and start blogging again? Of course! 

If anyone needs to contact me please feel free to do so, I've had thousands of emails, literally thousands so I'm trying to get through them all, but for a quicker reply please email me again:) I'll be back on Twitter and the Twitter chats, oh how I've missed them so much! 

Oh and feel free to check out my depop I've just opened @denbraberbeauty I'm selling personalised false nails, eyelashes and I will be selling handmade soaps, headbands, clips and revamped clothes! 

Speak to everyone very soon:) 

Demi x

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  1. Lovely to have you back girly !! Good luck with your beauty business too love!