Thursday, 2 June 2016

How to stay organised

Do you ever get that confused with whatever you're doing because you've got so much to do. You start doing one thing and remember you were currently trying to do something else and go back to doing that? Well I do anyway, sometimes life can be tricky when you've got so much to do in so little time. 

It may not sound like much but running you're own house and looking after a child is a hard job in its self, but trying to also juggle collage on top of that is even harder then I make my life even harder by running my own little salon, oh and of course there is blogging which I haven't been doing regularly, sorry guys! I've also just started selling eyelashes and customised false nails on depop check me out @denbraberbeauty or my personal account is @demmleigh 

Anyway I'm blabbing on, here's a few tips to keep on top of things when you've got a lot on or finding it hard to cope with everything happening in life. 

1. To do lists! 
These are my absolute favourite, I could write a list about anything literally and they're so handy, if you're like me you'll say you're going to do something and forget seconds later and go onto something else so it's always handy to keep a list of things you need to buy, stuff you need to do and anything else you need to remember! 

2. Post it notes 
Get yourself a mood board to put up in the kitchen with post it notes to remind yourself things you may forget, or even put them in places you go regularly like near the toilet or next to the telly. 

3. Get a diary 
These can help you so much, with so many dates and deadlines to remember, a diary is the most vital thing you're going to need. 

4. Make a schedule 
If it comes to the worst and it still isn't helping you, make a schedule of what you need to do in the day and tick them off as you go along. Not exactly by the hour but what you need to do in the day and it'll help you organise yourself a bit more. This is what I'm currently doing at the moment, I have serious baby brain and can't seem to keep organised, that's my excuse anyway haha! 


  1. love this, I've become so un-organised during the exam season but it's so important not to be x

  2. These are really nice tips! I love sticking things on my cupboards to organise myself and it makes them look really homey haha xD xx

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