Monday, 26 September 2016

Beauty box information and personalised questions!!

* At least 4 items in the box
* Will include at least 1 full sized product
* makeup, hair products, skin care, jewellery even gold, handmade items, phone cases, eyelashes, hand crafted nails
* comes with a personalised letter from me!
* will receive promotional offers and discounts to shops and businesses
* buy as a 1 off or subscribe for a year!

Wax box is £15 with free postage as a one time treat. For monthly beauty boxes for 2 months £25, 3 months £40, 6 months £60! The actual price box will calculate up to over £30 worth of goods.

To personalise your box to make the most out of all the products we've got in stock here's the questions you can send to me via email or sellers notes;

* What is your skin tone?
* What is your Hair colour and style?
* Which words best describe your style?
* How daring are you with makeup? Sweet and simple or  adventurous?
* Brands you'd like to try?
* Favourite makeup product and brand
* Things that you like the most? Makeup, skin care, hair products, jewellery, nails etc.
* What would you like to see in the box?

If you would like to feature in my box just message me on any social media sites or email:) bloggers will get a free box and also open to business enquiries.

Payment methods- these can be sold through depop or depop @denbraberbeauty

Thanks ladies! Hope you like your boxes
Competition time!!!
I'm so excited to launch my new beauty subscription boxes! So I've decided to give away a few beauty boxes when they're launched on 9th October, there will be 2 up for grabs. The boxes are made up of at least 4 products which include jewellery (gold), hand made items, one full sized beauty product such as sanctuary, Toni and guy, Paco Rabanne, lots of new coming brands, nails, eyelashes, and many many more! These will be sold at £15 each including delivery, for 2 months it'll be £25 and for a 3 month subscription it'll be £40.

Wanted bloggers
Bloggers get a box free, message me with your blog details!! If you'd also like to feature in this box please message me for more details!

Available to buy through depop or PayPal
(Please state the answers to the following questions for a more personalised box in the buyers notes
* What is your skin tone?
* What is your Hair colour and style?
* Which words best describe your style?
* How daring are you with makeup? Sweet and simple or  adventurous?
* Brands you'd like to try?
* Favourite makeup product and brand
* Things that you like the most? Makeup, skin care, hair products, jewellery, nails etc.
* What would you like to see in the box?
These are optional but you can personalise your box more by choosing these)

Alls you have to do is
 Follow me on depop and share this competition @denbraberbeauty
Follow me on Twitter and share this competition @denbraberbeauty

Thursday, 2 June 2016

How to stay organised

Do you ever get that confused with whatever you're doing because you've got so much to do. You start doing one thing and remember you were currently trying to do something else and go back to doing that? Well I do anyway, sometimes life can be tricky when you've got so much to do in so little time. 

It may not sound like much but running you're own house and looking after a child is a hard job in its self, but trying to also juggle collage on top of that is even harder then I make my life even harder by running my own little salon, oh and of course there is blogging which I haven't been doing regularly, sorry guys! I've also just started selling eyelashes and customised false nails on depop check me out @denbraberbeauty or my personal account is @demmleigh 

Anyway I'm blabbing on, here's a few tips to keep on top of things when you've got a lot on or finding it hard to cope with everything happening in life. 

1. To do lists! 
These are my absolute favourite, I could write a list about anything literally and they're so handy, if you're like me you'll say you're going to do something and forget seconds later and go onto something else so it's always handy to keep a list of things you need to buy, stuff you need to do and anything else you need to remember! 

2. Post it notes 
Get yourself a mood board to put up in the kitchen with post it notes to remind yourself things you may forget, or even put them in places you go regularly like near the toilet or next to the telly. 

3. Get a diary 
These can help you so much, with so many dates and deadlines to remember, a diary is the most vital thing you're going to need. 

4. Make a schedule 
If it comes to the worst and it still isn't helping you, make a schedule of what you need to do in the day and tick them off as you go along. Not exactly by the hour but what you need to do in the day and it'll help you organise yourself a bit more. This is what I'm currently doing at the moment, I have serious baby brain and can't seem to keep organised, that's my excuse anyway haha! 

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

How to create amazing curls

I already have naturally curly hair but it's so different to the curls I can achieve when I use a curling wand. Here's a quick guide on how I curl my hair to create bouncy long lasting curls;

1. Part your hair- start off with the bottom hair to make sure all parts of your hair are being fully curled 
2. Spray on heat protection spray 
3. Grab a small amount of hair(depending how big you want your curls, the thicker you want them the more hair you need to get) 
4. Apply hair spray onto the piece of hair 
5. Curl it around the curling wand 
6. Leave for 15-30 seconds 
7. Once finished apply more hair spray to add extra hold 
8. Do this to the rest of your hair, curling each piece as you go along
9. Do this to the top part of your hair as well getting the wand as close to the root of your hair as possible. 
10. Finish off by spraying the whole of your head with hair spray, yes I use a lot of hair spray, however you don't have too. I just like my curls bouncy and longer lasting.

For softer curls i would not apply too much hair spray, I'd apply it before you curled you hair to each strand but no more as the hairspray will keep the curl in and it'll be harder to get out. I would also brush it at the end, the curls will stay in however they'll create a wavey look instead of having big curls! 

Here are some of my curly hair looks and different ways how I've styled them. 

Sunday, 15 May 2016

I'm back!!

Hello everyone, 

I haven't blogged for so long, I've been so busy I've just had a little girl she's now 6 weeks old which has been a big part in why I haven't been able to blog as well as me getting my new house moving in and creating my perfect home. Also I've started my own beauty business and have my own little salon which I've been working my arse off in! So yeah I've been quite busy, but now I'm back I've finally settled down in my new house got my gorgeous little girl and got my business set up, everything is actually looking up for me, so why not get back into something I loved and start blogging again? Of course! 

If anyone needs to contact me please feel free to do so, I've had thousands of emails, literally thousands so I'm trying to get through them all, but for a quicker reply please email me again:) I'll be back on Twitter and the Twitter chats, oh how I've missed them so much! 

Oh and feel free to check out my depop I've just opened @denbraberbeauty I'm selling personalised false nails, eyelashes and I will be selling handmade soaps, headbands, clips and revamped clothes! 

Speak to everyone very soon:) 

Demi x

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Contouring for beginners

Hey ladies! So contouring, if you haven't heared this word already more than 10000 times then it would surprise me! Considering I've never heared of the word until a few years a go it's really took a shine into the beauty industry. 

So contouring, it is such an amazing thing! It can emphasise so much on your face. It can bring out your cheek bones, sharpen your jaw line and change the whole shape of your face as well as making your nose look smaller! As well as bringing out your good features it can also eliminate the bad! 

So if your new to all of this new beauty malarkey here are a few simple steps that won't even change much to your normal routine and it's so easy to do. 

First off all apply your foundation! Simple haha, this is a base and then secondly get a bronzer that's darker than your normal, you can use this to create a line under your cheek bone and brush into the skin until it's created a natural shadow under the cheek bone, bringing them out. You can then add a highlighter to your cheeks and blush to make them stand out even more! 

Here are some other ways you can contour your face depending on your face shape 

Another simple way of contouring your face is to use a darker foundation after you've applied your normal one and a lighter foundation, and rub it in to create more definition and shadows to your face shape. Here's an example

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

5 minute stylish bun

Do you ever have them days were you just want to throw your hair up and laze around all day? Maybe it might just be me.. Anyway if your looking for a quick easy stylish hair style that will take less than 5 minutes to do, then you've come to the right page. 

First off all start off by putting your hair into a bobble. This can be at the side or in the middle, wherever you prefer. 

Then loosen hair around it to make it look a bit untidy, you don't want a tight slick bun do you?

You can now braid your hair that's in the pony tail. 

Once it's braided, twist the braid around the bobble and pin the end of it with a clip, tuck it in the bun so it's not visible. You can add more clips for more security if need be. 

Finally, loosen up some of the braid to make it look messy and stylish. Gently pull the ends of the bun and loosen it all up with your fingers. 

So there you have it your perfect messy bun!! 

If you have more than 5 minutes you can also add more detail like plaits coming into the bun or you could do multiple buns. For extra definition you can also pull out any loose strands around your face to make it look more of a messy bun.